A content management system (CMS) to optimize search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization takes time

Before going any further in the presentation of Ludo Dev CMS, I'd like to warn you that being first on Google doesn't happen overnight, it's a matter of months, even years.Ludo Dev CMS is designed to facilitate what is known as "ranking" (the fact of being well placed on search engines and in particular Google), but on its own it won't be possible to be first on the search engines; we'll have to work together to make it happen.

However, during the time needed for referencing, there's nothing to prevent us from using advertising. As each project is different, the advertising platform won't be the same for every project.

What is a CMS (Content Management System)?

Behind every website you visit (and even the one you're currently on), there's a piece of software that takes care of generating pages. Pages are created from content (text, images, videos). The fact that it's displayed on your smartphone or computer is because the CMS has generated the page for you from this content.
There are several CMS, the best known being Wordpress... But why create another one?

The basic need for a website? To be seen by the right people

Having a website is easy these days, and in fact there are plenty of platforms offering it. In this case, it's best to communicate your website address yourself, because unless you type your brand name directly into Google, it won't come up, and that's normal.

Ludo Dev CMS was designed from the outset to facilitate natural referencing... I remember it well, in fact, it was born on September 18, 2020.

Let's take a very concrete example, shall we?
Imagine you're a business start-up/accountancy management service firm (I know, there's a good chance that's not the case, but ... imagine?).
At first, you're going to say to yourself that you need to get out on Google when someone types in "chartered accountant" or "business start-up" and they'll come straight to you ... eventually, that's what will happen, but it'll take time... But before that, what can you do?

Some people are going to ask themselves questions before taking the plunge ... for example, "Can I be unemployed and set up my own business?" or "What's the difference between EURL and SAS?", and if when they search for that they come across .... YOU?

How do I know what my future customers are looking for on Google?

Ah! you ask an excellent question ... and yet another reason why Ludo Dev CMS was created...
In the support package that comes with it, we track together what your customers are searching for on Google ... Want to see an example?

Rapport SEO - resource humaine Luxembourg

Here, you can see what Luxembourgers search for in Human Resources. 60% of searches are directly related to the name of the brand, in this case a large group.
The remaining 40% search for things like "cours du soir ressources humaines" - interesting, isn't it?

The screenshot here isn't complete, but we can see what people are looking for by territory and how many searches are carried out per month, so we know how to position ourselves to meet the needs of your future customers ... and give them time to get used to you and your brand.

What does this mean in concrete terms in terms of referencing?

In fact ... Ludo Dev CMS has been on the test bench for over a year now ... at first just for me (yes ... this site runs on Ludo Dev CMS, well done ... haha?), but very soon my first partners wanted to be part of the adventure ... The Frères Marchand website is Ludo Dev CMS too ....

Easy-to-get keywords...

Basically, I'm what's known as a "Symfony Developer", so I wanted to get out there on subjects like "Symfony application pricing".

Recherche Google : Prix application Symfony

Recognize the second guy on this page? It's me, hello?.

Then I wanted to get out on technical questions about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so among other things, I answered the question "Should I put a slash at the end of URLs?

And lo and behold, Google ranked me first (thanks Google, I'll be giving you a BIG KISS later ❤️).

A little cheese?

Recherche Google : Bleu de brebis ciré

Google puts Les Frères Marchand first on that cheese.

More complex keywords

The above-mentioned keywords are easy to obtain (we have to start somewhere, don't we?), so let's see how far we've come in one year...

Recherche Google : Contacter un développeur Freelance

If you ask Google to "contact a freelance developer", it'll kindly give you my e-mail address, another Google kiss? Come on!

For the keywords "freelance developer" alone, I'm already on the first page, but not yet in first position.
Who knows, between the time I write these lines and the time you read them, it'll be the case.

A cheese factory in Nancy?

Recherche Google : Fromagerie Nancy

Just after the Google My Business results (which we can also work on together), Ludo Dev CMS took place 1 and 2.

The same in Épinal?

And there it is, first this time, but we've only taken one place (that's enough now!?).

I could give you more examples, but I think you get the idea.

Go further with search engines

Answer your customers' questions

What are people searching for about your brand on Google? We can find out, and more importantly, answer them... Let's take a very concrete case already in production today.
Working together with Les Frères Marchand, we realized that a lot of people are searching for the menu of the Frères Marchand restaurant in Nancy's old town (I recommend it, as it's an excellent address by the way?).

Well, let's make sure that when someone searches for the menu on Google, it comes up directly ... no? But what if it's funny?...

Recherche Google : Menu des Frères Marchand

All you had to do was ask, don't you also ask?.

Are you recruiting? Let the search engines know ...

And get your cover letter and CV sent straight to your inbox (or wherever you are).
Did you know that Google Search also includes "Google Jobs"?
Well, if you didn't, you do now?

Recherche Google : Chef de rang Nancy

Well ... I know them well, the first ... very good people!

A completely modular content management system ...

Ludo Dev CMS is part of the Ludo Dev software ecosystem ... what does that mean in concrete terms?

For example, today Ludo Dev E-Shop has customer "retargeting" modules...
Retargeting means "going after customers who have left the site without buying".

(Ludo Dev E-Shop will be explained later on the software suite page).

This retargeting module (which also works on iOS 14.5 and above) is not currently part of the CMS... because for the time being, there has been no real need for it... should the need arise, it will be totally possible to integrate this module into Ludo Dev CMS.

A final word on this CMS

Ludo Dev CMS exists because, from the outset, it met my needs as a developer setting up his own business.
It wasn't long before a nationally renowned company decided to use it for its own projects and ... it's now used by thousands of people every day...? It's a real honor to have been chosen by Les Frères Marchand right from the start...
And who knows ... maybe soon by your company?