Freelance Web Developer in Nancy

Freelance web developer in Nancy since 2014,
creating websites and applications,
assistance in search engine optimization (SEO).

The human behind the web developer

From a very young age, at 6 years old, I took an interest in computing and the internet.
During adolescence, I spent most of my time developing small software, then websites.
Later, I became interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to expand my skill set.
After a few positions as a "Lead dev," I launched my freelance web developer career and now support companies in their digital journeys.

Web development is thus a significant part of my life, but being freelance allows me to explore other areas. Even though I am physically located in Nancy, I now have clients all over France.

If you want to know more, please feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile.

They use my web technologies

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My services

Creating your website

There are several types of websites, here are some ideas

  • Creation of a showcase website with what is called a CMS (Wordpress), which can be seen as a "pre-designed" website generator, this website will be created quickly and is generally used to create simple, unpretentious showcase websites.
  • Create a custom website, with more advanced tools, this is for people whose business depends on the website, the creation time is slower, costs are higher, but the possibilities are much greater.
  • Creation of generic online stores: Like showcase websites, e-commerce stores can operate with "turnkey" tools, customization and scalability will be limited, but, it allows you to get started quickly.
  • Create a custom e-commerce site: Unlike generic online stores found on the internet, a custom e-commerce will convey the soul of your business to your visitors.

The choice between them is made according to objectives and budget, if you have more questions, we can discuss them in more detail.

Creating your application

A web app typically uses technologies similar to websites.

The major difference compared to a website is that it is much less static and can be used to perform tasks like software on your computer or smartphone.

Some examples of applications working with web technologies:

  • Google Docs
  • Spotify

Note that there is a difference between a mobile application (called native), a web application, and a hybrid application. In short, the technologies used are not the same...

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Contrary to popular belief, putting a site online is not enough to bring it up on Google.

SEO relies on three things:

  • Content
  • Reputation
  • Technique

It should be noted that normally a freelance web developer profile does not have this type of skills, my profile is very atypical, in addition to simple web development, I am interested in everything related to the web.

Consulting, IT, and web

At this point, you will have likely understood that I grew up with the internet.
Therefore, I am the right person to guide you during your adventure on the web.
How to test your product? Where are your future prospects? How will you go after them? How long will it take?

These are so many questions to which I can help you find the answer.

One of my web projects

Vélo en France Vélo en France

Category: Web application

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the websites or web apps I have worked on, even though I try to keep this list up-to-date, it’s not always the case.
There may also be projects from other developers in my network 🙂

Blog article

symfony turbo ios How to put a Turbo app on the App Store (iOS)?

Category: Development

My blog is my favorite place to express myself, where I share tips on mobile app development and web development, and not only that.
I might also talk about Growth Hacking or even Web Marketing and SEO. But overall, we stay in the realm of IT and, more precisely, the web.
There might be articles on entrepreneurship and the freelance world occasionally as well.
As a web developer, I'm interested in everything that is closely or remotely related to the web.

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