An e-commerce platform designed to build trust and optimize sales

Already used in production by companies selling online

Each program in the "Ludo Dev" suite is put through its paces before arriving on the suite page. "Ludo Dev E-Shop" is no exception: it works and delivers the services for which it was designed. What's more, before creating its presentation, I waited a long time to test it in "very real conditions".
Want to see an example of a "Ludo Dev E-Shop" instance in action? Click here.

Non-exhaustive list

While writing this presentation, I realized that I couldn't possibly explain all the features of "Ludo Dev E-Shop" on a single page.So if you have any questions about a feature not covered here, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Optimized for search engines (too)

"Ludo Dev E-Shop" is the little brother of "Ludo Dev CMS", in fact their basic codes are the same. I'll let you read the "Ludo Dev CMS" presentation , and below you'll find a Google search carried out 2 months after Ludo Dev E-shop went online.

Recherche Google : Appareil a tête de moine

We're first on the search for "monk's head device", which isn't a very difficult keyword to search for, and we're also very well ranked on words like "Box Raclette". I leave it to you to search Google if you wish.

What's an e-commerce platform to do?

What is the basis of any transaction between two human beings? Without it, no transaction is possible? An idea? It's trust - without it, no transaction. Have you ever bought anything from someone you didn't trust? No, you haven't.
When the transaction takes place face-to-face, it's quite simple: we judge our peers to see whether or not they inspire our trust. On the Internet, it's more complicated, and even more so if the "typical customer" isn't familiar with the Internet. So how does Ludo Dev E-Shop create trust?

Unlike prefabricated platforms, "Ludo Dev E-Shop" has been designed to give a personality to the online stores it runs... How? It's very simple: the texts, e-mail sent... etc. are totally customizable, and there are no "Order has been updated" messages, which sound very robotic and inhuman...

The search engine doesn't use the generic word "Search", but instead asks customers a question: "What do you want?", because that's what really counts: what does the customer want today?

Jokes are hidden in several places on the site, making it more user-friendly.

The moment of payment is a complicated one for the customer, as he has to decide whether or not to use his credit card on this website: "Do I trust you enough?"before proceeding to payment, here's what "Ludo Dev E-Shop" displays:

The customer has the name of a person in mind (and a face if he searches for my name on Google) before entering his credit card number.

These are just a few examples, but what you need to understand is that one of the first objectives in the development process, and one on which a great deal of emphasis has been placed, is the creation of trust.

Keep it simple, keep it stupid (KISS)

Not everyone is an IT pro, it's not that people are stupid, it's just not their world. In response to this, the Ludo Dev E-Shop has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Each page has its own explanations to guide those who have the most difficulty with computers.

I'll give you a very simple example of a classic store: do you want to pay with "Stripe" or "PayPlug"? Nobody knows what that means... Yes... people in tech understand, but the mother of the family doesn't know what it is. And human beings tend to be afraid of what they don't know. So I've decided to ignore this issue, and payment is made by secure "credit card", and that's all there is to it.

In fact, there is one exception to what I've just mentioned, and that's PayPal, which is well known to the general public and above all a generator of trust, which is why the platform is compatible with PayPal without any problem (and other providers), but all the while displaying to the customer only information that he understands and which reassures him.

Many people don't like registering on a website: it's time-consuming, not fun ... in short, it's not everyone's favorite occupation. To make up for this, accounts can be created in just one click, with Google, Facebook, Twitter and even Face ID for owners of devices with an apple on them.

A "Marketing First" platform designed in 2021.

Is iOS 14 the end of retargeting? The end of third-party cookies too?
Actually, no.
"Ludo Dev E-Shop" has in its code everything you need to do retargeting despite iOS 14 and the end of third-party cookies (the end of third-party cookies only affects Safari for now, but it's coming to Google Chrome).

It was designed to take the problem in the other direction "if I can no longer rely on third-party companies to do retargeting, then, how do I do it?". This is how a set of modules was developed and incorporated into the heart of "Ludo Dev E-Shop".

These modules were of course tested for months before writing these lines, and the results are clear: while in France the average conversion rate of an "e-commerce" platform is 3%, "Ludo Dev E-Shop" comes out on top with 4.5%. Not least thanks to retargeting technologies for a targeted audience,

There's no point in targeting customers who don't have a strong interest in the products, you need to target the right people who are already in the buying process.

Finally, "Ludo Dev E-Shop" doesn't need Google Analytics to display clear stats on its usage: where do customers come from? Which channel generates the most sales? These data are clearly displayed (like Google Analytics), but without Google Analytics (and therefore without a third-party service). Of course, even if it knows how to do without it, it remains compatible with it, for those who can't do without it.

A simple, effective search engine

There are many types of people who shop online:

  • Those who know what they want and like it fast
  • Those who like to discover, look at what the store has to offer and take their time.

Ludo Dev LIghtning Search' has been designed to meet the needs of the above-mentioned groups. In fact, at first, I wanted to show a short video presentation ... but try it out for yourself.
Type what you want in the top bar "What do you want?" and see for yourself how quickly you found what you wanted (provided, of course, that it's available on this online store).

For those of you who know more about the subject (cheesemakers, in this case), Lightning Search Advanced mode is available here. It, too, is designed to be fast and efficient (who likes to wait?).

Automating logistics

"Ludo Dev E-Shop" wasn't designed just for end customers: if you want everything to run smoothly, you need to give your staff the right tools. Imagine you process 3,000 online orders a month.
Do you have the time to "copy" the addresses to your delivery service provider? If you're doing "Click & Collect", do you think it's possible to handle such volumes "By hand"?

Our logistics are fully automated.
Every day (the frequency can be changed, of course), delivery labels can be printed out at the click of a button, and these labels provide a detailed report You don't have to worry about what to do, just do your job, and Ludo Dev E-Shop will tell you what's been prepared.

Prepare the parcels, stick the delivery label on them, hand them over to the carrier, and you're done.

Click & Collect or Delivery? It's up to you ...

"Ludo Dev E-Shop can communicate with delivery companies (ChronoPost, Colissimo, DHL, etc.) to manage your shipments, but it can also manage "Click & Collect" at one or more pick-up points.

When placing an order, customers choose when they want to receive their parcel (for a gift, for example), or when they want to pick it up, and where they want it to be delivered. will take care of giving the right information to the right people, and can, on a dedicated interface, display the "Click & Collect" orders to be prepared in the store, for example.
Finally, when the order is ready, an SMS with your brand as the sender will be sent to the customer, announcing the availability of the parcel.

(And voilà, your brand is now on the SMS list).

Add-on module: Subscription (box) management

"Ludo Dev E-Shop" is a modular software package, so it's possible to add new functionalities.It enables customers to take out a subscription to receive a cheese box on a monthly basis, just like a conventional order, with automated logistics. There's no need to remember that the customer has taken out a box for x months, as the site will automatically incorporate this into the daily reports.
This module is an example of what the modularity of Ludo Dev E-Shop can achieve...

A final word on this e-commerce platform

Ludo Dev E-Shop" took a long time to develop, was designed with a clear vision of what it had to achieve, and... a few months after it went live, I'm pleased to see that it's doing what it was designed to do... thousands of people are already using it as I write these lines... and that's just the beginning... ?