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Why are updates so important?

ionicons-v5-k Josselin Dionisi Sep 14, 2021
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Ah, updates! You must see dozens of them every day. It's time-consuming, it's inconvenient, if they're launched when you're busy (hello Windows?).

But then... Yes. But it's important.

An update is never done by chance, and its main purpose is to correct bugs and, above all, security flaws.

"What do you mean? You're developers and you don't code properly? "

It's a little more complicated than that. Indeed, even if the error remains human, flaws generally occur AFTER a product has been developed.

Let me explain. If you use a secure piece of code on day 1, it's possible that a small hacker (or a big one, no discrimination) will manage to find a security flaw inside it on day 100.

This is known as a "zero-day" flaw, i.e. it's been in existence for 0 days, it's just been discovered.
And spoiler: these are the most popular vulnerabilities for hackers, who will try to exploit them before a patch is made and everyone is updated.

A flaw that nobody knew about when you started developing your product. And the problem is that, as a result, all your customers to whom you've sold your product will be affected.
So: mandatory update!

"But why are you using other people's code too? Can't you do it yourself? "

Then yes. But you can't. What's interesting is that, by using a common database shared by several developers around the world, when a flaw of this kind occurs, we can warn each other very quickly, find a solution and "patch" our code. We all install the same update and start again from a clean slate. Our websites and apps are clean ?

"OK, but when you read in the papers that Windows 7 support has stopped, does that mean there are no more updates? "

Exactly. Developers considered that the majority of people had switched to Windows 10, which has a cleaner, more secure base than Windows 7, which has aged a lot. And to "force" the last users to switch to a more secure version, they decided to stop supporting the old ones.

Today, Windows 10 is regularly updated, and will soon be upgraded to version 11 for even greater reliability.

So whether it's on your phone, your applications on the stores, your PC, your TV, your car (yes, if you've got a Tesla), your microwave (well, I don't have an example here...).

Keep updating!