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This text was on the home page of the site, but after updating it I decided to move it to the blog?

1998 - Discovering computers

At elementary school, I discovered computers. At the time, Windows 95 was the star product, and I fell in love with these machines. A teacher, noticing this growing passion, decided to encourage it by giving me a computer; it was a Compaq, with a 486 processor and 4 MB RAM. At the same time, I got an Amstrad CPC equipped with BASIC, which marked the beginning of my adventure...

2003 - Discovery of GNU/Linux

After spending some time on the above-mentioned machines, I decided to install GNU/Linux on my main machine for testing purposes. The distribution I chose at the time was Mandriva, and I later switched to Ubuntu. GNU/Linux gave me many sleepless nights: when you come from Windows, GNU/Linux is confusing.

2003-2008 - Native programming

Like many people, I started with the C course on the Zero website (thanks Mathieu Nebra). I remember asking myself the question "what on earth is a variable for?", which I find very amusing today... Once the site's C course was over (the CLI part), I moved on to other languages, notably Delphi, with which I coded a host of small software programs, such as an app to retrieve the password stored in "MSN". My adolescence was made up of many sleepless nights, I coded out of passion, just to understand... You can find some old code from that time on my Github(for example, here's an in-memory patcher for Steam).

2008-2011 - Web and mobile programming

We tend to forget it, but the only way to code on the first iPhone was via web technologies. This steered me towards the Web, initially PHP and JavaScript, then later my first Android phone would have me playing with Google SDKs (Java, Dalvik, etc.). A few sites, including my guild's video game site, were coded, while at the same time - motivated by a visual handicap - I coded interface extensions for a video game, in LUA.

2012 - Discovery of SEO

In 2012, I decided to take an interest in SEO, a vast subject that immediately complemented what I already knew how to do, i.e. develop... So I plunged right in, and ... today I'm still having fun with it!

2013-2014 - Discovering Web Frameworks

I spent a lot of time on these technologies, some of which I'm still using today. Symfony makes it possible to do things well and cleanly: that's what I like. Initially, AngularJS was very good, but not very neat, and if you weren't well organized it was easy to end up with an unreadable project; as Angular evolved, this problem diminished. Later, I worked with React and React Native.