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Visibility on Instagram can be improved with simple things, which ones?

ionicons-v5-k Ludovic Frank Mar 9, 2021
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Instagram has become a must-have social network, with 18-24 year olds spending an enormous amount of time on it and ... like all social networks its business model is to capture and resell attention. In this article, I propose a non-exhaustive list of ideas for improving your presence on this network.

Put keywords in your account name and display name

Instagram's search engine doesn't use the data in the "bio" to find a user, it only uses the data in the account name and display name, so it might be a good idea to put a keyword in there to stand out higher in the search results.
Avoid special characters in the account name or display name.

Photo and bio

The photo is going to be the first thing people see when they arrive on the Instagram account, and it needs to be a good representation of the brand (or person) in question, showing a certain passion for the account's theme.
The bio is the space where you can write a few words about the account; this space can also be used to entice the audience to click on the profile link, in any case don't leave it empty.
When placing the photo and bio, think of the simple fact that this is the first contact your audience will have with your brand. What impressions do you want to give?

Until recently, this was the only possible link on an entire Instagram account. But don't underestimate the profile link, it's one of the only ones that will allow you to take your Instagram audience elsewhere (YouTube channel, online store ... etc.).).

Keep your posts regular

Having an audience is good, showing it things is better.
One post a week is too little to hope for a successful Instagram account, five posts a day is too much.Ideally, three posts a week seems to be the right balance, allowing you to stay in touch with your audience without "asphyxiating" them by being too present.

Avoid being followed by accounts that "follow" on a massive scale

Can you keep up with more than 1,000 people/companies? We agree, it's impossible.
Having lots of followers with no interaction is pointless. Instagram's algorithm looks at the ratio between the number of followers and the number of interactions on publications (this is one of the reasons why "like" on Instagram is so simple).
Accounts with a lot of followers will see very little of you and have very little interaction with you, so they will consequently degrade the quality of your account in the eyes of Instagram's algorithm.

Organize contests

Have you ever taken part in an online contest? Yes? so why not do the same?

Use growth hacking

Don't know what it is? Growth hacking is marketing based on experimentation and technique.
It was used by Uber and Airbnb at their launches. It makes it easier and smarter to reach your future audience.
This can involve, for example, using "formatted" Google queries to list all the accounts of influencers/competitors in your field.


This article is now complete, and lists just a few ideas for improving your visibility on Instagram.