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SEO, content creation and its influence on sales

ionicons-v5-k Ludovic Frank Sep 29, 2022
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Hello everyone,

This week we're going to talk about the link between creating content, like the one you're reading right now for example, and increasing sales for your business... because yes, there is a link, and yes, it's possible.

Why can content creation increase sales?

The first question to ask yourself is "What do you sell?". For most of you, the answer would be "I sell development time" or "I sell training courses"... and so on.

But really? No...
"What? What do you mean? I'm selling a product or service!"
Yes, but in fact always ... no.

Personally, I don't sell code time. My customers come to me with a problem, and my job is to provide them with a solution to that problem, using code and other tools that I have mastered...
Nobody buys code to buy code, code is a tool to solve problems...

What do human beings do when faced with a problem?

He tries to solve it, pure and simple... And how does he do that?
If he has someone in his circle of trust who can provide him with a solution, then he'll contact him first, which is why my phone is one of my main working tools... My partners turn to me when they have a problem they know I can solve.

But ... when you don't have that person in your circle of trust? How do you go about it?

You've probably heard the phrase "Google is your friend", so no, it's not your friend, but it's extremely efficient when it comes to answering our questions. There are other search engines, but Google is the most relevant of them all.

So, at this point, you should see where I'm going with this.
What if... When someone asks a question related to your area of expertise, they come across your content...

Suppose, for example, I wanted to know what "Bouyguette du Tarn" is, don't you know? I didn't either a few weeks ago...

Recherche "Bouyguette du Tarn" sur Google

That's right ... when you ask Google what "bouyguette du Tarn" is, you come up with the Frères Marchand cheese listing... who are my partners? ...

Quality content rather than quantity...

And then I see some of you coming up with "Just copy and paste stuff from right to left and that's it" ... not really no.
The content has to be interesting, and provide real solutions for readers, you can't take people for idiots, when was the last time you spent time reading something lame?

The same goes for videos: YouTube is full of content, but in the end, we end up watching the same creators over and over again, simply because "quick" content doesn't interest us that much.

When creating your content, you need to think "what value do I bring to my readers", not "how quickly do I have to produce stuff, even if it's mediocre...".

That's why, on this blog, there's an average of one article a week, sometimes even zero... I don't want to publish mediocre stuff, each article is designed to bring something to its reader, sometimes shorter, because there's nothing more to say.

(My shortest articles are often solutions to technical problems. For many, these articles have no value, but for the developer who's been struggling with the problem for 5 hours, he's quite happy to find the solution, believe me).

Examples of useful content

This website (

If I'm writing this article today, it's because I'm doing it myself. I never talk about subjects I don't master, I just say "I don't know, I need to learn".

Anyway, enough of the mundanity? (yes, I stole that phrase from a youtuber).

If you ask Google for "Web Developer Rates"... well, I'm the first to know, the article you'll come across has been designed to give you the keys to understanding, so that you can understand, for example, that a site costing 20 euros a month won't get you anything... (unless it's for a small event, for example).

In the article, I even tell you how much the site you're currently on cost me. This article is often read and shared, because it's designed to provide information...

If you want other examples, you can ask Google "How to improve your Instagram profile", I'm also on the first page...

In the same vein, my article on data backup is designed for businesses ...

And another interesting one is coming soon....

Anyway, enough about me ... let's look at some other examples.

A geek having fun with NFC chips ...

Before being an entrepreneur, I'm a big geek, so not about video games, but I love tinkering, understanding... I can spend my nights on a new Tech. In short, an enthusiast?

And one day I found myself with a bug on my Linux and my NFC reader, my reader is an "ACR122U", and the error I was getting was "Unable to set alternate setting on USB interface", it wasn't working crazy...

So what do I do? A Google search of course, so I'll let you do the Google search ...

Yes, the first person to give a clear answer to my question was this gentleman.

Since then, guess where I buy my NFC chips when I need them. What's more, I'm entitled to little words like "thank you for your renewed confidence"?At the same time, he's never let me down, the descriptions on the site are clear, and the NFC chips are's compatible with Android, then it is", if it says you need a PC, then it is. No unpleasant surprises, so I'm taking advantage of this article to do a little advertising for his online store.

Little entrepreneur becomes big ...

A few years ago, I was in need of some information, particularly when I left a permanent contract: what are my options? What are the legal forms of a company?

(At the time, I was freelancing on a "portage salarial" basis, via the company I was working for).

In short, I needed information ... and I found quality content at Shine, the online bank, on their blogs, for example if you Google "Auto-entrepreneur et chômage".

I did a lot of research...
For hours and hours, and often Shine's blog was in the top positions! So guess who's the bank for my SASU today ?
That's right ... Shine, the service is getting better and better, I have nothing to reproach them for, and what's more, they now have their own banking license, which solved any problems that might have arisen before.


This article has come to an end, and I've tried to show you that good quality content can only be good for your business, and that it will not only help hundreds of people every day, but also increase the quality of your brand image.

With these good words, here's to your articles, and see you soon for new adventures!